these mountains know me. they tested me from a young age. they are etched into my memory...and continue to remind me of the wilds of my youth. and when i have the chance to return, i count it a privilege and joy!

i had that very privilege when thomas and alissa asked if i would join them in the snowy mountains of washington, and it was such a gift! alissa's family have been dear friends since I was young and the honor of shooting her wedding was something that i sincerely appreciated and enjoyed.  i don't think leavenworth could have been more perfect...from the sun breaking through at seemingly orchestrated moments, to the base of snow that has been falling on the valley for the past month..i was wide-eyed at nearly every turn. it certainly didn't hurt that these two looked incredible amid the white wilds of the cascades.

t&a, thank you so very much for such a wonderful day. i replay the day over in my mind and still cannot believe how fortunate we were to have such stunning beauty surround the beauty of promising your lives to each other. may God richly bless you two in the years to come, through the difficult and the encouraging, the joys and sorrows. much love to you too!

all the best,