i could hardly wait to get this post up!  a week ago saturday, korrine & ben had the most lovely wedding day and unfortunately this past week held a great deal of happenings for our family so i was unable to blog as soon as i would have liked.  but with our move to oxford slowly settling in, i was finally able to revisit this incredible day and i am delighted to share with you just a peek into what was most likely my last wedding for 2015. and what a wedding it was to close out the season!

i had been up to the homestead a few times already for this summer and it was wonderful to be able to revisit the stunning views that glen arbor has to offer just one last time. from the moment you meet korrine and ben, you know you are in for a fantastic day. these two were such incredibly joyous people with a great deal of laughter and fun to spread around. i remember mentioning to korrine that i felt her flowers captured her and her personality is such a perfect light, bursting with stunning colors and beautiful uniqueness.

the weather decided to cooperate in gorgeous fashion with the ceremony being held at the top of the mountain, overlooking the vastness of lake michigan. and the light all day was wonderful to work with...it truly was a great wedding to bid goodbye to michigan for a season.

b&k, thank you so very much for inviting me into your day and for the privilege it was for me to document it.  i wish you two all the very best as you step into married life. love you guys!