this past weekend was pretty special for a few reasons.  our family has been living in oxford, england for the past several months and our home in michigan has been feeling a long way away. when molly contacted me about possibly photographing her wedding, i was amazed at the providence of the situation as i had been discussing another wedding the same weekend back in michigan.  although i unfortunately have had to miss some weddings back in the states while we have been gone , having these two weddings in the same weekend made it possible for me to return for a few days and pick back up the camera after an extended off season.

molly and trevor, along with their families and friends, made last saturday a truly wonderful day! the weather was perfect for a late may wedding and these two made the most of it...not to mention a guest list of more than 400 friends and family - talk about people loving on m&t!! trevor is in the military and has been living out west, so now that they are married, the couple is headed back out to las vegas. we will miss you two! thanks for inviting me in to celebrate with you!

many blessings*

- npe