It hasn't always been pretty, thats for sure. When I embarked on this journey, I was blissfuly naive to the challenges and demands that were waiting for me. I wouldn't have made it to today without a continual love for the work I was doing, but it wasn't always easy. Those experiences and learning opportunities have fashioned the way I look at wedding photography, and have deeply convicted me on how I approach each and every couple and the privilege of documenting their love story.

These experiences and years of shooting professionally have garnered a great deal of knowledge that I love to share with others who are cultivating the same love for this work that I have. Whether its tackling the ins-and-outs of starting a business with no previous experience (this was me!) or fine-tuning your workflow to achieve a great work/life balance, I would love to walk alongside you and share what I have learned!


Mentor sessions are booked on per hour basis at $150/hr and function in a flexible 'ask me anything' format. I would love to chat more about it with you!