word of mouth will keep you honest. it will keep you accountable. it will keep you focused on providing the very best, every time.

this past saturday's wedding day was spent with matt and heather, a couple who were referred to me by friends and colleagues...i actually had the privilege of shooting matt's sister's wedding a few years ago...but when you are actually living the day with couples like heather and matt, you gain a greater appreciation for those who have supported your dreams for years, and also for the couple who took the word of their friends and entrusted you with their wedding day.

well, m&h, it was an honor! thank you so much for choosing me and for allowing me to follow along on a crazy fun day! from the back halls of your family's greenhouse to the classy dance floor spread out at the public museum, it was all gorgeous! i hope these images capture how much you seemed to love every moment of your day, and i can't wait to get the full gallery to you, so you can relive it over and over again.

blessings my friends!

- npe