when tabitha contacted me regarding the possibility of shooting her wedding, i was excited to say the least!

being asked to photograph the wedding of a fellow photographer comes with a certain sense of unique honor along with a little added pressure! (they probably know and can see through all my secrets!) but with adam and tabitha, it was incredible.  from day one, i could tell that tabitha had a vision for her wedding day that was going to be stunning, but along with that..i sensed a true and complete trust in me as an artist. when it came time to step into that role for her and adam this past sunday, they were incredibly gracious and trusting...and for a wedding photographer...that is a big thing! to know i had tab's trust even in the midst of a timeline that veered off course was a testament to her as an incredible client and friend!

the simply elegance and beauty of the day was refreshing, and the warm september sun only added to the perfection of the day. making our way from the jw marriott in downtown grand rapids to the riverside ah nab a wen park for the ceremony, we then moved on to the  downtown market for a lunch reception, dressed in all of tabitha's unique and beautiful vision! not to mention, we were treated to spectacular food from the everyday chef and fabulous frozen deliciousness from love's ice cream - pretty awesome!

a&t, thank you for trusting me..again, it means so very much, especially coming from a fellow artist who is as particular as i am! enjoy st. maarten and the adventure ahead! love you guys,


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