my final wedding for the 2014 season was spent of the east side of the state and was an especially wonderful affair as i hadn't had the chance to shoot on the east side much this year....and of course, the bride and groom were just too much fun to work with!

michelle's daughter whitney met me at a wedding i shot a while back and so graciously mentioned my work to her mom as michelle was beginning to plan her wedding day...and i am so thankful that i had the privilege of being a part of this joyful, hilarious, emotional, and exciting day!

from shooting clay pigeons in the morning, to dancing to live mariachi and classic rock bands in the evening, martin and michelle made the very most of a stunning october day in michigan!

m&m, what a fun, fun day! seriously..i had such a blast for the last wedding of the year for me, and i have you to thank.  it was an absolute privilege to spend the day with you and your families.  may God richly bless you in the years to come, i wish you all the best!

- npe