its a funny story...the circumstances in which we first met. but you'll have to ask stephanie about that one! ;D

a little over a week ago, i spent a colorful fall day in grand rapids with two new friends. freddy, along with his new bride stephanie, were smiles at every turn, every moment! trying to get a vogue look from these two was a pretty awesome challenge, because lets face it..who doesn't love people who exude happiness and laughter. and laugh we did!

with some of the most vibrant fall color i have seen here in michigan, the day itself was vibrant as well with true celebration as steph and freddy said 'i do.' it is always a gift to just be one of the party, and thats how i felt, right from the start...feeling far away from 'work' and very close to the profound reminder that my job is such a privilege...and SO MUCH FUN!

thank you f&s..for picking me out of a lineup of endless photographers and for trusting me with your day. it was fabulous and a joy for me to be a part of.  i hope this preview lets you relive a little of how great your wedding truly was. i wish you two all the best!

much love,

- npe


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