sooooooo....last saturday was my last wedding of september, and it was spent in indiana with lindsay and JR!

i met lindsay a few years ago as she was in the wedding party of another couple's wedding that i was shooting. she is a photographer herself and the fact that she kept my info over the years and sought me out once she was engaged was amazing to me! it was a great reminder that even the simplest of interactions can leave an impression, for good or bad..and i was fortunate enough to have her call me in preparation for her own day - what a compliment!

to be honest, i haven't spent a whole lot of time in it usually is just the state through which i travel to visit my brother and his family in tennessee or get to a shoot in chicago. but wow, did valparaiso surprise me in the very best way. my assistant james and i had very few words to exchange when we walked into the chapel on the university's campus. like so many locations with stunning beauty..words, and even photos do not do it justice. and it was in the beauty of such a room that JR and lindsay shared their vows.

and not only did the chapel and even the reception site deliver all sorts of eye-candy..but the late september weather was the stuff of dreams! from start to finish it was a wonderful day*

l&jr - you was such a great day! thank you for your trust and for making my job never once feel like a job during the day.  blessings to you two..i hope you enjoy the preview as much as i did working on it!



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