sometimes it all starts over a cup of coffee*

i still remember the first starbucks i worked at...and although that location is no longer even in existence, some of the fellow baristas i met there are still friends to this day! letticia is one of those very friends, and has been an incredible supporter of my work for many years. i had the privilege of photographing her brother's wedding a few years ago, and ever since then she continued to remind me that when she got married, she would want me to document her wedding too!

talk about a i am so very grateful for friends like her, who have been behind every step of the way.  so when steven proposed, i was excited to get her message saying the planning had begun! letticia and steven's wedding a little over a week ago delivered a day full of sun and rain, along with more family than i could count...and you could tell there was an enormous amount of love and support surrounding these two!

s&l, you braved the bit of rain we had with true smiles on your faces, and you gave me a great honor in asking me to document your wedding. thank you for that gift and i wish you the very best in your marriage. God bless you two - much love!

- npe