so i shot a celebrity wedding this past weekend...

well, if you ask derek and amanda, they may not agree..but i know the truth! i even told amanda "hey, i didn't know i was shooting the wedding of two celebrities!" when your bride is often on tv sharing her abundance of knowledge in the health and wellness field, and your groom seems to have constant VIP access to some of the biggest shows in the music and entertainment industry, that has the makings of a power couple for sure, haha.

but all kidding aside, these two were so much fun! against the backdrop of the elegant amway grand plaza hotel in grand rapids, a stunning day unfolded with all the details and joy a photographer could hope for. surrounded by beloved friends and family, derek and amanda committed their lives to one another, and i had the honor of witnessing it. what a privilege it is to do this job!

d&a, thank you so very much for the gift of your trust all day. it was such a great day and to share it with you was an honor! blessings to you guys in your marriage*

- npe