part of the joy of photographing weddings is witnessing couples find their stride when it comes to having their picture taken. i often share with couples that my job, among many things, is to foster a relationship between us that allows them to feel at ease in front of some intimidating lenses.

when i first met with jessica and caleb, they both mentioned how getting his photo taken was not high on the list of things caleb loved to do, haha...but i have to say, when the true emotion and bliss of their wedding day arrived, these two owned it and their love for one another showed time and time again in the photos of the day. no amount of camera intimidation prior to last saturday would keep j&c from expressing their captivation for one another and a wonderful sense of appreciation for every moment of the day.

and to top of a day full of laughter and joy, in the spirit of flight (as jessica is a pilot!) the party truly started once we arrived at the air zoo in kalamazoo for a reception to remember.  its not every weekend that you get to not only photograph in such a unique and stunning venue, but also enjoy the childlike thrill of doing barrel roll after barrel roll in a flight simulator like you actually know how to fly!

j&c, thank you so very much for an incredible day...for taking the time to make me feel truly welcomed into your families and into your lives. it was a privilege to take your trust and guide you through photos that i pray will remind you year after year, of the vows you made. many blessings my friends!

- npe