jason and katherine are just one of those couples that everyone wants to be around. they are fun, free-spirited, full of kindness and joy, and are so approachable that just spending five minutes with them will leave you feeling like you've know them for years.

i first met j&k through some mutually close friends at our church, and when they asked if i would photograph their wedding, i was absolutely thrilled! thrilled, not only to document the wedding day of two beautiful people - inside and out - but just to get to know them better!

when it came time for their engagement session and ultimately their wedding day, i realized one thing very quickly. these two really couldn't take a bad picture. throw into the mix that they absolutely adore each other and are up for an adventurous shot, and you have one potent combination of beauty and joy that made for a photographer's dream! their wedding day showcased some of michigan's true beauty and looking back through the pictures, i wish we could do the day all over again!

j&k, what can i say? it was a privilege to be your photographer and not just that, but to call you two friends....i am so thankful! it is so very exciting to see what God has in store for you two as you pursue Him together as husband and wife. thank you for sharing these moments with me, as i hope these images will remind you for years to come of all the joy that first day of this new adventure held. all the very best from my family to yours,

much love,