after last weekend's wedding..i am pretty sure its hard to beat colorado in september. what a privilege it was to land in the centennial state and make my way up into the mountains for jessica and dylan's wedding celebration. when your views look like they did for me, you have to tell yourself over and over to keep your eyes on the road...such a beautiful place!

i actually met dylan and jessica via Skype when our family was still living over in oxford for the year. it was so incredible to have a chance to get to know them and plan for the wedding day, while we were living nearly 5,000 miles away from each other! but everything came together, and oh how magical it was! from the detailed direction of our wedding planner juls, to the perfectly timed snow gracing the tops of the surrounding was a perfect day!

thank you d&j for such a lovely weekend. it was a true pleasure meeting your friends and family, and an honor to document such a joyous occasion! say hi to those pups for me, and blessings to you as you start this new and beautiful chapter together!

all the best,