dreaming of warmer, western days.... last year my folks moved up the coast from san diego to the greater san francisco area - my father took a new job teaching in the town of brentwood, and jana and i figured it was a great reason to take the kids out west.  any excuse to see the grandma and papa, and explore the city by the bay!

we were blessed with a week of great wine, amazing landscapes, beautiful city skylines, california sun, and the very best company of my dad and mom (who may i say, are stepping into their roles as grandparents brilliantly!)

oh west coast, you are always an adventure!


- norah enjoying the pool!- perfecting the leap- taking advantage of the skin his momma gave him- it ain't portland, but we'll still put a bird on it- why hello- swingin singing ladies- yes ben, you can be loud here- into the city we go- bay bridge- embarcadero- flats with a view- from coit tower- let's take the stairs!- we found jana!- yeah...i bet i could swim from there....said me, never- skyline totally photobombing- crookedest street- where one chapter of my life meets another...- you sell rice-a-roni in your gift shop?- it was very hard to pull ben from this view- there's fresh...and then there is fresh!- to be a fisherman- a san francisco staple- 'so ehhh..you gonna draw me or what?'- street eats- a beckoning shadow cast upon the park- 'oh papa!'- 'your scratchy face reminds me of daddy's!'- some fine sign design- beauty in the details- ben digging the trains and working on expressing his enjoyment - nice thumbs up bud!- riding in style- a fixture on the wharf....i guess- into the mist- a lone bird, paying his respect- goodnight sf- signing the guestbook- my personal wine teacher- yep..i am in love- still in love!- someday this very tradition will be enjoyed amid the rolling hills of bordeaux- dapper indeed benjamin- sweet komali girl- working on form...and fun- want to watch them for a week?- total.hot.babe.- thankful- english ladies..now we just need eve!- these two put up with a lot from me...and they are still smiling*- harvest time- big ol' tree- grandma & grandson- discovery and wonder- oh the joys of youth- redwoods- photo dueling...- in the house of giants- golden gate bridge...as the fog rolls in- burnin' some calories- a new generation of goonie- ♬ 'everywhere you look, everywhere you go...' ♬- entrance to chinatown