so fall here in michigan has really been on point...i mean, really* fantastic color with some really great weather combine for a photographer's dream, especially when you have clients who are hoping for an outdoor ceremony in october!

but nicole and zane probably could not have gotten any better weather.  as the sun shown down through the rustling leaves of the willow looming over the wedding party, these two pledged their lives to each other.  i love shooting at spring lake country club and especially ceremonies that take place under those weeping willows...right off the water, it was all so lovely!

nicole, thank you so very much for your trust and gracious words.  you gave me the opportunity to creatively see the day moment by moment and it was a gift* and zane, for a guy who hates getting his picture taken, i have to did a pretty stellar job.  i hope i won you over to the belief that taking pictures with nathan isn't all bad, haha.  you two were a joy to work with and i wish you all the best in your marriage - here's to 60 years and more!

- npe