i've said it a few times now, and maybe its time to make it a reality!

i hear some pretty entertaining, funny, sweet, endearing, ridiculous things on a wedding day, and i've said that i should write a book someday with all the memorable quotes i've heard at weddings. if nothing else, at least it would be entertaining for me, haha!

well, this past friday held yet another day full of memorable quotes and moments for zach and carrie...but there was one thing i heard more than once.  i actually heard it more times than i can remember, and it came from an absolutely stunning bride.

..."isn't he cute!?"

i heard carrie say this so many times and how she just couldn't get over how dashing her husband looked. honestly, its little things like this that prick my heart. they confirm in my mind that love is joyful, sometimes boisterous, often passionate, and always unashamed!

what a fabulous day* zach and carrie, you showed me time and time again on friday that you really did trust me, and for that i cannot say thank you enough. to put in my hands the task of capturing your wedding was a gift that i would gladly accept again in a heartbeat.

oh, and i'll be thinking of you two come this winter, when we are all enjoying another polar vortex and you two slip off to jamaica! love you guys, i wish you all the very best.



floral - horrocks market

photography - nathan english photography

cake - the cakabakery

catering - the catering company

dj - curtis avison

makeup and hair design - friends of the bride