it had been nearly a year since i was last up at bay harbor, but it was still just as beautiful as ever. joining chrissie and scott for their wedding day this past saturday was a treat, and we had incredible weather to compliment an incredible day.

it was quite humorous to think that the swing in temperature from their engagement session to scott and chrissie's wedding was probably about 80 degrees, from winter deep freeze to july sizzle! i am sure their puppy zeke was a lot happier about the sun rather than tromping in the snow. a few morning showers kept things from getting too hot and later, the skies cleared and wonderful memories were made!

thank you s&c for trusting me with your day.  i was so honored to spend it with you and your family and friends. your generosity and kindness was so very evident and i am incredibly grateful. blessings to you two in your marriage - much love to the new mr. & mrs. drew!!

- npe