before my evening with peter and angela, i think i had only shot one other anniversary session...and after our time together, i couldn't help but ask myself why! why haven't i done more of these!?

 perhaps the style of photography has changed dramatically from when you got married. maybe family photos always celebrate the joy of the family, but the relationship that started it all could use a little celebration of its own, or it could be that you never had a chance to have engagement photos and want to capture the love between you two! whatever the reason, anniversary sessions are fantastic, and peter and angela proved it!

i was honored that angela contacted me, mentioning that she had seem some photos from her friends that i had done, and wanted something similar for her and peter...the light was wonderful, weather held up nicely, and in the end, these two showed me see that their marriage is something to be celebrated, even long after the fact!

i hope you enjoy*