sometimes there is a little distance between my clients and i, and as much as meeting in person is something that i love to do as often as i can...sometimes a skpye chat with my couples is the next best thing.

such was the start of my relationship with mike and marci, getting to know each other a bit via the wonder of technology. and when the day came, the physical distance we had shared before their wedding seemed to fade away instantly. i felt like an old friend, reunited for the privilege of witnessing a new chapter in their lives.

marci looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and mike wore his suit like a pro, channeling his inner model to make one gorgeous couple, inside and out. every detail in the day sung...stretching views of the lake...vibrant shades of green and blue...rolling hills of northern michigan splendor...a perfect day!

thank you again very happy for you two. love each other well, as i know you will...always putting the other first, in everything. blessings!

- npe