in an industry where we are often judged on what people see...i am reminded time and time again that at the end of the day, when the wedding celebration comes to an end and memories are gathered up in our hearts and work is so much more than a visual display of moments, but an investment in people and their hopes, dreams, prayers, and joys.  its the subtle interactions, gracious words, common experience...that allows me to recognize what a privilege and honor it is to join each and every bride and groom on their wedding day.

and this past saturday pushed that truth to forefront of my mind, as i watched allison and kevin on their wedding day. these two were so incredibly gracious to me, encouraging and uplifting, serving me while i served them. the unique bond i was honored to share with them made my day all of what it was...responding to the relentless display of beauty and love that my camera tried to capture in an honest fashion. so many bright moments, so much gorgeous light, so many beautiful details. 

thank you, a&k...for your trust in me. i do not take it lightly that such trust is given, and it truly allows me to be my very best for you and your families. may God richly bless you in your marriage as you learn to love one another well, laying down your lives for one another. thank you both for making my job more than worth it*

much love,