time and time again, i am reminded that this work that i have the privilege of doing is very much a balance of artistry and relationship.  those two elements collided in fabulous, joyous fashion up north this past saturday.

angela and andrew's stunning celebration was through and through an incredible day. not only did their families go out of the way to make the whole weekend special for our little family with a condo on lake michigan, but they made us feel welcomed into the weekend festivities while allowing me to really enjoy the last weekend of summer in such a beautiful michigan city! from the very first images on the wedding day to the saturday morning session we had with a gorgeous sunrise, these two were the epitome of the perfect clients! and i simply cannot say enough about the gift they and their families were to me, going out of their way to encourage me in the very work i was doing for them. this is why i do what i do!

thank again a&a...everything about last weekend was a gift. may God bless you in your marriage and may these images remind you of those in-between moments of your wedding...and take you back to that joyous day, time and time again!

much love,