i couldn't stop smiling. seriously...editing this preview for amanda and cody's wedding two weeks ago in washington continued to bring a smile to my face. there is certainly a story to tell...but lets start at the beginning...

i remember meeting cody in middle school, when i was called to the school office. our principal told me that a new student had moved to leavenworth and asked if i would welcome him and show him around the building. that was the beginning of a friendship that would last through some of the most formative and formable years of our lives. there are very few people on this earth that i know who have the heart and courage that cody has.  i have seen his faith stand firm in the face of the very hardest of life's trials, and i have been witness to the man he has become, which has been truly a joy to see!

fast forward in the story to meeting amanda...i'm pretty sure God hand picked these two for each other. she has such an incredibly warm and nurturing spirit, and the type of kindness you can see in ones eyes.  these two just seem to go together perfectly! their wedding week was certainly not without drama, as wildfires throughout washington threatened to force a change of plans last minute.  but what a spectacular week it turned out to be - and to have the honor of documenting not only the wedding day, but the memories leading up to it was a joy*

c&a...it will certainly be a week to remember, haha. and at the end of it all..was really no end, but the beginning of a new adventure together. thank you for the gift you gave me in allowing me to document the festivities. i am so very grateful for our friendship and wish you two the very best.

blessings in your new marriage - much love my friends,