I remember waking up at around 4am in my hotel…gathering my gear and heading down to the lobby. If we had any hope of catching the Eiffel Tower without swarms of people, it had to be at sunrise. And the Parisian sky did no disappoint. It was in this city that Alli and Freddy had met, and we had decided to return to the city of light in celebration of their engagement and upcoming wedding.

Fast forward several months to this past weekend, and what a joy it was to witness the culmination of such planning and preparation! Certainly the wedding day is something to be celebrated and enjoyed, and yet..my hope and prayer for you A&F is that your marriage might continue to grow in love and self sacrifice as the years pass by. Thank you for inviting me to document such a wonderful day! And remember, you’ll always have Paris!

Cheers my friends!

- Nathan