There was no way around it. If this failed, there would be no way to hide it. All the prep, all the promotion, all the expectation...all culminating with the possibility of me calling the whole thing off. That is the thing with visions and dreams and risk and failure. They all seem to often go hand in hand.

That was the story with the Unveil Workshop. Even leading up to the actual event, I had to look in the eye the real possibility of failure. And trust me, there were plenty of questions floating through my mind.

What if no one signed up? What if only one person signed up? Would it be awkward? Am I in way over my head? What if when it really comes down to it, encouraging words of support are all I get, and no one takes the risk to come to this experiment? What if I have to announce that the whole thing is getting called off?

The fear of failure and embarrassment can be a powerful force in our lives. I am humbled and grateful to say that the workshop ended up exceeding my expectations and hopes by ten fold. But all that to say, I had to come to terms with this possibility of failure and I realized the gift it can often be if we have eyes to see. In our digital age, very seldom do we actually share our failures. And yet, what a liberating thing, to know that we all walk that path from time to time. When pursuing our dreams, cultivating our calling, working to build something dear to our can be paralyzing, to think that the whole thing might come crashing down. But we are united in our failures, leveling the playing field of life and reminding us all to humbly walk with gratitude for all we have, seeking out opportunities to encourage and empathize with others. I wanted the Unveil Workshop to be that, an honest look at the successes and failures of putting yourself out there, time and time again. When such an environment of honesty is curated, the opportunities for growth seem so very abundant.

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who helped make this first workshop a reality. From friends who are some of the very best in the wedding industry, to the inaugural class of attendees who invested in an unproven dream, I will always be grateful for their support and trust. These are the awesome people and companies that helped make Unveil truly what it was:

Personal Workshop Chef: The Everyday Chef & Wife

Welcome Gifts: Peace & Toil // English Craftsman Woodworking

Event Design and Workshop Florals: Modern Day Creative // Modern Day Events and Floral

Stationary: Gwyneth Paige Couture Letterpress

Gown & Accessories Boutique: Spring Sweet

Makeup: Hanna Wagner Design

Hair/Models: Emily Hauschild // Bri Huizenga

Details: Semikah Textiles // Fancy Fray // Events By I Candy // Gigi & LaClede // Chalk Shop Events // Rise Authentic Baking Co.

Second Shooting: Jonathan James Photography

Accommodations: Airbnb

My hope is that Unveil is just getting started, and will continue to stand as an place and experience that seeks to pursue honest community and support among wedding photographers and champions the incredible privilege we each have, to step into the lives of our clients and capture one of the most pinnacle of life's experiences for them and their loved ones. What an incredible job we have*

Grace and peace,