no amount of cold these past few weeks could keep these two from joy and jubilation!

derek and kristin got hitched on valentine's day and made the most of the romantic day, even with the negative 15 degree windchill*  i am pretty sure i am starting to get an idea of how the communities of fowler and westphalia celebrate weddings, holding nothing back!! i had the privilege of photographing a wedding here a few years ago for one of kristin's bridesmaids, and even with rough weather, kristin and derek's friends, family, and guests made sure to be present to witness and celebrate their marriage, thats true commitment to a couple!

thank you d&k for keeping me warm on a cold day, for all your organization and willingness to smile into the wind.  blessings to you two in your marriage as it was an honor to witness your vows and dance the night away with you!

all the best,