nearly two months since the last blog entry...and although i sometimes feel the need to remain more consistent in my posting, i have to remind myself that for the most part...this is the off season, and sometimes my family really just needs me 'off.' and so a few weeks out west to unplug and spend time with my parents was rejuvenating for the whole english clan.  growing up out west, i can distinctly remember the times i would see my grandparents here in michigan - and how exciting those visits always were. and now, my kids have the opportunity to experience something similar and it certainly brings me joy to see them run to their papa and grandma in the airport, ready for new adventures and vacation memories!

benjamin the photographersan fran 001san fran 002 san fran 003 san fran 004 san fran 005 san fran 006a true roast beast... san fran 007 san fran 008 we headed up north to wine country, with the hopes of finding our way through napa to the inviting town of sanoma.san fran 009 san fran 010 san fran 011 yeah...this bakery...all sorts of goodnesssan fran 012 san fran 013 san fran 014 wide-eyed ben...with treats galore!san fran 015 san fran 016 san fran 017when wine tasting with parents who are club must pace yourself!san fran 018 san fran 019 san fran 020 benja is a good sport...i try my best to follow along on his adventures with as little direction as possible...but sometimes, just sometimes he gets a 'hey bud, stand there...look up at the clouds'san fran 021 san fran 022 grandpa and komali girlsan fran 023 san fran 024 san fran 025 just workin' on my lorax stancesan fran 026 'we're going buddy!!'san fran 027 sanoma detailssan fran 028 san fran 029 san fran 030 san fran 031 san fran 032 san fran 033 san fran 034ravenswood...yeah, i think i've heard of them* san fran 035 dad and i are working on a new brand / website / logo for his custom woodworking business.  we snapped some shots to help tell his story..san fran 036 san fran 037 san fran 038 ben wants to be just like grandpa!san fran 039 in grandpa's classroomsan fran 040 dad did some work for concannon and we wanted to catch some of the details of his work we decided to stop off for a bit of the afternoon. this place is awesome!san fran 041 san fran 042 san fran 043 dapper jonathan, of english craftsman woodworkingsan fran 044 san fran 045 the ladies of my life!san fran 046 san fran 047a table in the tasting room made by english craftsman woodworking san fran 048 out past the skyscrapers of SF is land's end...we arrived in time for a spectacular sunset hike!san fran 049 san fran 050 san fran 051 san fran 052 san fran 053 san fran 054 san fran 055 san fran 056 san fran 057#bensadventures san fran 058 somebody seemed to be pretty comfortable around people..san fran 059 san fran 060 san fran 061 a few days later we headed down the coast to monterey, stopping along the way near santa cruz for a little beach exploration..san fran 062 san fran 063 san fran 064 san fran 065 san fran 066 destination stationsan fran 067 i couldn't take enough of these silhouette photos in the aquarium...spellbound..san fran 068 san fran 069 san fran 070 san fran 071 san fran 072 san fran 073the look of surprise! san fran 074 san fran 075 san fran 076 truly mesmerizing*san fran 077 ben and his love of sharks..san fran 078

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