i graduated with my undergraduate degree from a small bible school in west michigan - grace bible college...a whole lot of memories there, thats for sure! the love story of my wife and i began there, and we share that same beginning with with andrew and nichole, two grace grads who met and fell in love on the humble grounds of a small school with great vision* certainly, it was a great way to connect with these two, have something so profound in common right off the bat.  we knew many of the same faces from school and so it was great to finally meet them in person and hear their story.

with their wedding not far away, we wanted to squeeze in an engagement session, and I am so very glad we did. beautiful morning light. the serene beauty of lake michigan in the morning. the subtle charm of holland's streets.

i can't wait for their wedding in traverse soon - how splendid a day it will be! blessings, my friends...

- npe

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