i had the amazing opportunity to spend a few extra days in washington last month, after the wedding of some dear friends... this is where it all began for me...where i learned to walk, where i spent my childhood summers, where i grew up in the shadow of mountains, where i fell in love with my savior Jesus...where the first chapter of my life played out.

it was so good for my soul to return to a place that will always hold a special place in my heart and memory.  i spent a few days backpacking with a good friend, witnessed the rolling in of smoke from wildfires in the valley, strolled the streets of my hometown bavarian village, reveled in the beauty of the seattle skyline, and took in all the color of pike place market.

probably the only thing that could have made a good trip great..would have been the company of my wife and kids!  i cannot wait to explore new trails and make new memories in the beautiful wild country of the pacific northwest with my children and best friend - don't worry washington, we won't be gone long*