it is hard to know where to begin... ryan and allison are simply great.  that seems like an appropriate starting point*  being back in my hometown of leavenworth, WA to be a part of the marriage day of these two was overwhelming in the absolute best ways you can imagine.

i had a few conversations with ryan prior to meeting him in person, but let me tell you..there is no better way to get to know someone quickly and intimately, than to share a three hour ride over the cascade mountains in a retro vw beetle...and that is how my adventure with ryan began.

i have had the privilege of knowing allison for..really..before i can remember.  talented, gracious, funny, and kind, she is a blessing to everyone she knows.  and let me just say, when these two asked if i might want to be a part of their amazing wedding, i was pretty elated!!

two beautiful people, inside and out, with their friends and family gathered in celebration.  it was spectacular!

and the day was certainly not without some exciting highlights, like a bear on the manor grounds, lightning on the dance floor, and a whole lot of might even say rex velvet himself was present for this soirée of the century.

thanks r& was amazing!


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