oh mexico...as james taylor puts it, 'it sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low...' five years ago in june, i married my very best friend, jana kay.  after our wedding celebration, we slipped away to a small island off the coast of mexico and began our adventures as mr. and mrs. english.  we absolutely fell in love with the island, its colorful and authentic charm...the people, the water, the food, the beaches, the turtles*

seeing a chance to visit the island for a third time, celebrating our 5 years, we jumped at the opportunity and headed south of the border.  with our beautiful children in the hands of always fun and exciting grandparents, jana and i were blessed to take in a week of serene beauty and rest, just us...

here are some photos from the one and only isla mujeres...if you ever have the chance...make your way on down to paradise*