you found me! thank you for stopping by, and if we haven't met, hopefully we will soon!

my name is nathan, and this is my art.

from the very, very simple beginnings of nathan english photography, i have watched this business grow with a grateful heart...forged by a lot of prayer, the continual faith and trust of incredible clients, dear friends, mentors, and the inspiring support of my incredible wife, jana.

i was born on the west coast, raised among the cascade mountains of washington, transplanted to the land of pleasant peninsulas here in michigan, and have had the privilege of working many places in between. i think the wilds of the pacific northwest framed my early inspiration as a photographer, and the majesty of the mountains trickle even now into my desire to captivate with just a single image. as ansel adams once said, “there are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.” no matter if the subject is a stunning bride on one of the most emotional days of her life, or the vast beauty of yosemite national park, beckoning you to explore...the goal is the same. to create narrative and emotion with a single frame and compel the viewer to remember, imagine, rethink, and relate. it is this goal that i strive towards, every time i raise a camera to my eye.

much like the power of an eloquently written story or a subtly superb screenplay and cinematic arch of a film...the emotional power of photography is something i see as a privilege to work with. beyond even the tangible outcome of a shoot, maybe a wedding album, or billboard campaign..is the experience of working with people. you may know you want the very best in photography, but standing side by side with that pivotal aspect of the art form, is the person with whom you are are creating the art. the relationships created when working with incredible clients is one of the supreme riches of my profession. having the honor to work with the couples i shoot for, the responsibility to capture the essence of a product or service, the privilege of witnessing and capturing a family's growing joys and pains...this is what reminds me that it is much more than just taking a picture. it is using these God given gifts to truly connect with people, and to tell their stories.

like i mentioned before, i hope we meet soon!  welcome to what i see behind the lens.  thank you for visiting, i hope you enjoy your stay.

grace and peace,